Alona L. Casanave (Lana)

           Since 2007 she has been helping clients of all ages and fitness levels improve the quality of their lives by sharing her love, knowledge and passion for Pilates. She is able to identify imperfections of posture that are the likely cause of physical deficiencies or other ailments the client may not realize in themselves until pointed out. Her Pilates exercise program is more than an exercise routine, it is a way to correct lifelong habits that have resulted in poor posture, shallow breathing, restricted movement and in many instance pain. ​Through the establishment of her business, Alona has brought her extensive experience together with an integrated approach to Pilates that will change the way you feel about your body. She is a firm believer in educating her clients and has a passion for helping others to help themselves.


  • Certified Stott Pilates Instructor,

  • Certified Body Art and Science International Pilates Instructor,

  • Certified International Flying Pilates Teacher,

  • Certified International Aerial Yoga Teacher,

  • Certified International Aerial Restorative Yin Teacher,

  •  Certified Gyrotonic Apprentice Trainer. 

  •  Specializing in after Injury & Rehabilitation;

  • Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & other Neurological Conditions;

  • ScolioPilates ~ Three-Dimensional Exercise for Scoliosis; 

  • Special Management with Osteoporosis. 

   In her Williamsburg, VA based private practice, Smart Bodies Pilates Therapy and Massage,

Alona helps others overcome trauma and connect to their Higher Selves, with insightful realization, acknowledgment and love.  Her healing abilities and knowledge 15+ experience of multiple adjunctive healing therapies and wellness disciplines for each of her patients treatment as needed.  She believes that physical healing is connected to 

Emotional, Mental and Spiritual body’s guidance to activate vital energy and release blockages.

  • Virginia Licensed Massage Therapist,

  • The Accunect System Practitioner,

  • Natural Empath and Energy Healer,

  • Certified TCM Acupressure & Meridian Massage Therapist, 

  • Certified Cupping Therapist,

  • Certified Hot Stone Therapist, 

  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher, 

  • Certified Esoteric Healing Therapist, 

  • Certified Chakra Healing Therapist,

  • Certified Singing Bowl Therapist.